Avoiding Frustration during Addiction Recovery

Avoiding Frustration during Addiction RecoveryOvercoming addiction is a process, and patience is the first virtue a Canadian drug addict must develop. Professional rehab helps patients through detox with minimal discomfort, but it spends even more time teaching patients about recovery tools. This takes time, practice and patience, but in the end the process empowers patients to remain steadfast in recovery while benefiting from behavioral tools that elevate all aspects of life. There are ways to empower addiction recovery, but it is also important to avoid habits and behaviors that add to the frustration.

How to Empower Recovery

Addiction rehab has a number of time-tested tools to help drug addicts regain control over their lives in Canada, but the most effective recoveries occur when patients truly buy in to the treatment programs. The following tips will help you make the most out of treatment and recovery:

  • Foster a positive and resolute attitude toward recovery
  • Participate in all the therapies, even those that seem simple
  • Find a recovery sponsor to lean on during tough times
  • Participate actively in a peer support group
  • Write a recovery blog or diary that documents the highs and lows
  • Read inspiring recovery literature and magazines
  • Remember the loved ones who are counting on you

It is also important to seek help immediately when you become frustrated. If there is a setback and struggle, speak with someone quickly before the problem gets worse.

What to Avoid in Recovery

Canadian drug addicts should avoid bad attitudes at all cost because they manifest themselves in many unhealthy ways. The following problems are some actions and attitudes that can derail recovery:

  • Imagining that you are smarter than the doctors
  • Justifying addiction
  • Believing you can use again just once without becoming addicted
  • Becoming overconfident and less assertive in recovery
  • Allowing yourself to become absorbed by another patient’s negativity
  • Blowing off your support group and aftercare counseling sessions

It is also important to listen to loved ones when they become concerned about your recovery. They saw the process of decline before, so whatever they say about your current state deserves special consideration.

How to Treat Addiction

For some, the frustration may stem from going it alone. Canadian drug addicts who try to quit by themselves have much higher failure rates than those who invest in proper care. Professional addiction treatment includes the following methods:

  • Medically supervised detox and a tapered withdrawal program
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health issues
  • Behavioral tools to instill healthier habits and a more positive lifestyle
  • Efforts to purge negative, self-defeating attitudes and actions
  • Identifying personal drug-use triggers and ways to avoid them
  • Help restoring relationships the addiction might have strained

Proper treatment sets patient up with complete aftercare support, including group therapy and one-on-one counseling.

Canada Addiction Help

Are you frustrated with your recovery? Call our toll-free helpline now and allow our staff to help. We can answer questions about staying strong in recovery, needing further treatment and health insurance coverage. If you have tried to overcome addiction on your own, our staff can steer you toward professional rehab. We are available 24 hours a day to help, so call us today.