Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Help for Canadians

Bipolar disorder and addiction help for CanadiansBipolar disorder is a serious condition that can be managed with the right care. Many people who struggle with bipolar disorder also struggle with addiction issues due to attempts to self-medicate or treat the rollercoaster of bipolar emotions. There are a number of treatment centers in Canada, but it can be difficult to determine which are best for you or your loved one.

Integrated Treatment: A New Way to Treat Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Integrated treatment for addiction and bipolar disorder has been shown to create real progress among people affected by both mental health and addiction. Integrated treatment is different. A surprisingly large number of people who struggle with addiction also struggle with a mental health diagnosis. If you feel like bipolar disorder has you on a rollercoaster of emotions, you might try to self-medicate with different substances. Before long an addiction takes hold, and both the addiction and the bipolar symptoms keep you trapped in a miserable cycle. The following is the cycle of mental illness and addiction:

  • Addiction leads to trauma and can make mental illness worse
  • Mental illness can lead a person to self-medicate which leads to addiction
  • The more addicted a person becomes, the more that person seeks to self-medicate

Traditionally, people who struggled with bipolar disorder and substance abuse would have to choose between mental health care or substance abuse/drug treatment programs. Each type of program offers some help, but because of insurance costs or medical theory only one part of the whole problem would be treated. Integrated treatment seeks to understand how addiction and mental health influence one another. This type of treatment works to end the cycle of addiction and help fully heal the individual in mind, body and spirit.

Find Bipolar and Addiction Help Now

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