Nova Scotia Drug Treatment Centers

Nova Scotia Drug Treatment CentersNova Scotia, located along Canada’s southeastern coast, is almost completely surrounded by water, with the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the north and the Bay of Fundy to the West. Nova Scotia, with its northern coastal ambience, characterized by rocky gulfs and light houses, is oftentimes a tourist destination. However, though tourists may only be aware of gorgeous scenery and rich culture, beneath the surface of Nova Scotia’s beauty and uniqueness, there is a problem that plagues virtually all areas of the world: drug addiction.

Though many view drug addiction as a lack of willpower, in reality, drug addiction is a treatable illness. Many people unknowingly or unwillingly find themselves under the oppression of a powerful addiction. Even those who long to quit abusing drugs may find doing so impossible because they feel as if they have no control, as if their substance use overpowers them. Conquering drug abuse alone is almost always impossible, but the proper treatment that leads to lasting recovery is available through drug rehab centers in Nova Scotia. Supervised, structured treatment is the key to lasting recovery.

What Does Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Include?

Though there are many drug treatment centers in North America that offer many different treatment programs, three key elements are typically the core of drug rehab. These elements are listed below:

  • Detox
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Aftercare and follow-up treatment

Whether a patient receives inpatient or outpatient care, his or her treatment will begin with detox, the cleansing of drug-related toxins from the patient’s body. Detox may be uncomfortable due to withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, but attentive medical attention and appropriate medications ease the pain of withdrawal.

After detox, patients spend most of their time attending counseling sessions, support groups, and other types of therapy, such as life skills classes or therapeutic recreational activities. Recreational activities may include working out in exercise rooms, horseback riding, yoga or any other number of safe activities that help patients build a new life free from substance abuse. Inpatient care allows patients to immerse themselves in these types of activities, with full focus on recovery.

Aftercare and follow-up treatment usually refers to a 12-Step program. After patients leave rehab, they may attend a 12-step program to receive continued support from fellow recovering drug addicts. This type of support and mutual understanding is essential for lasting recovery. These programs are also widely available in Nova Scotia.

Need Help Finding a Drug Treatment Center?

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