Prince Edward Island Drug Treatment

Prince Edward Island Drug TreatmentPrince Edward Island is a Canadian province located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, east of New Brunswick. The province consists of several islands including the island of the same name. Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in the nation both in terms of population and land area.

Often referred to as the “Garden of the Gulf,” Prince Edward Island has rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand beaches, ocean coves, the famous red soil, and lush agricultural lands. It is this agricultural land that provides the primary economy for the smaller, rural communities as well as the towns and villages throughout the province which strive to retain a slower-paced, old-world flavor, that factors into Prince Edward Island’s popularity as a destination for relaxation. But even serene places such as Prince Edward Island see the problems of substance abuse. If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important to find the right rehab center.

What Types of Drug Treatment are Available?

You may have become addicted to drugs after surgery or an injury, or you might have been self-medicating a mental or emotional issue such as depression or anxiety. You may have experimented with drugs recreationally and then became dependent on the next “fix.” Whatever your reasons for falling into the drug abuse cycle, you can get out and get your life back. There are plenty of quality treatment options available that can equip you with coping strategies, life skills, and the knowledge you need to stay clean for life. When determining what program you should choose, consider these options:

  • Inpatient Rehab – This treatment option involves living at the facility for a predetermined amount of time in order to undergo detox, attend group meetings, meet with doctors and counselors, and participate in various therapies. Inpatient rehab is typically for stronger addictions that require a detox program and appropriate follow-up to ensure that the addict does not continue destructive behaviors.
  • Outpatient Rehab – Outpatient rehab is generally for less severe addictions and upkeep of sobriety. It provides valuable support and helpful programs, and patients learn new habits that enable them to quit their drug or alcohol use. Patients are able to get the treatment they need while on a more flexible schedule than inpatient (or residential) treatment provides.
  • Detox Programs – Detox is essential for strong addictions, and entering a detox program is the first step in rehab treatment. During detox at a rehab center, doctors and professionals monitor the patient and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, since this is a time when the patient’s body is ridding itself of excess toxins from drug or alcohol use. It can be painful, but when it is supervised by professionals, it can be much easier and safer than detoxing alone.

There are plenty of rehab centers available. You may not find one in Prince Edward Island that meets your needs, and it might be helpful to travel for rehab because getting out of the environment where you used drugs or alcohol can be liberating and prepare you for a fresh start. Consider all the options instead of ruling out those that might not be local.

Get Help Finding Addiction Treatment

If you live in Prince Edward Island and need drug addiction treatment, finding the right rehab facility to meet your needs can be an overwhelming experience. You need help in getting advice so that you can determine the most appropriate rehab service for you. While recovery is difficult, it is possible and we can help, so please call our toll-free number today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about drug treatment options. We are here to help.