What Can I Do as the Friend of an Addict?

What Can I Do as the Friend of an Addict?Being able to adequately help an addicted friend in Canada can be crucial to support their recovery and to avoid contributing to their addiction by unknowingly enabling him or her. How a friend can help an addict often depends on the addict and how he or she reacts to certain situations. However, some basic tips that can be useful when seeking to help an addicted friend include the following:

  • Get informed – Utilizing multiple resources to become educated about addiction and treatment options is crucial. A person who is knowledgeable about addiction, the health risks, and the treatment options will be better equipped to support their addicted friend.
  • Use professionals – Recovery from addiction is commonly a result of professional help and advice. A professional will offer experienced advice and cover topics that may not have been thought of otherwise. If an intervention is needed for the addicted friend a professional interventionist will be able to provide a better chance of a successful outcome.
  • Create a support system – Gathering a group of trusted friends or family that have a meaningful relationship with the addict can help the addict gain a clearer understanding of how the addiction is affecting everyone. Coming up with a plan that utilizes professional advice in the event of confronting the addicted friend is crucial.
  • Be personal – Before initiating an intervention, have a personal conversation with the addict about how the drug use is affecting the friendship. A close friendship can often be a powerful tool when overcoming addiction. Often times an addict will understand the need for addiction treatment just from a heartfelt conversation with a friend.
  • Be factual – When describing how the drug use is affecting the friendship and other areas of life, do not exaggerate incidents or use vague examples of use. Be factual about dates, times, and locations of certain incidents and the direct affect that they had.
  • Be prepared for disaster – An addicted individual is often not thinking rationally when under the influence. If the friend becomes violent or dangerous be sure to take the necessary precautions. The police may need to be involved if the addict becomes uncontrollable. The friendship may need to be ended if the addict does not accept treatment and continues to have negative effects on the relationship and personal life. If you need top cut off contact, explain the reasons to the addict. Losing a close friend can often be a step towards seeking treatment.

Gathering support from the addicted friend’s family members and other close friends to plan an intervention is often a necessary step. If the friend continues to deny that he or she has a problem with drug abuse, a professional interventionist may be needed.

Help for Addicts and Friends of Addicts

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