Why People Choose Drugs over Family

Why People Choose Drugs over FamilyFor many Canada residents, drug addiction is a mystery. How can someone destroy his life for a quick fix? And yet, people all over the world daily do just that. Perhaps most perplexing to many is the choice of drugs over family. Be it their children, parents or spouse, many drug addicts continue using drugs rather than continuing family relationships. The drug becomes the glue that addicts believe holds them together when their lives are actually becoming gradually more and more unhinged.

How Drug Addiction Affects Canada Families

Drug addiction doesn’t only affect the Canada drug addict, but it also damages the lives of her loved ones. An addict’s behavior is greatly altered from when she was sober, and it is almost impossible for those around her to not suffer some consequences. In a way, they have to go through the stages of addiction with the abuser. There are four stages that an affected family member may experience, and they are as follows:

  • Concern, but without understanding what they’re up against. They attempt to help, but with an intervention.
  • When the abuse becomes painfully apparent, there is a sort of blackout phase, where family members ignore the abuse and make excuses for the addict’s behavior.
  • The family will then try to adapt to the problem. They may bend their personalities to fit the addict’s. They could also try to be perfect to work as a role model.
  • Ultimately, Canada families may land in the acceptance phase. Defeat over the addiction has come, and the family must choose either to live with their circumstances or seek outside help. The situation has gone beyond their control. Unfortunately, many continue to be hurt on a daily basis rather than confronting the problem.

If this sounds familiar to your family situation, seek outside help immediately.

Why Do Drug Addicts Avoid Their Families?

So why do people choose drugs over their families? First, we must look at why people turn to drugs to begin with and the following are just a few examples:

  • To feel good – to experience the high provided by drugs
  • To fit in – to feel as if they are apart of a certain group
  • To escape – to ignore the problems in their lives
  • To relax – to escape stress

Whether your Canada loved one is addicted for one of the above reasons or another, people come to drugs on a variety of paths. However, the paths all lead in the same direction for addicts: danger.

Once the addiction has formed, other areas of importance seem inconsequential. If it comes between getting the fix and being there for a family member, the fix will win out. It’s not because the addict doesn’t love or appreciate his family, but because the drug has so warped his mind and he is so dependent upon it that he can’t fathom living without it.

Canada Addiction Help

Being the family member of a Canada drug addict can be overwhelming, but there is help available. Call our toll-free helpline any time of day, as our recovery counselors are here for you 24 hours a day. Reach out to professional help and get your loved one sober.